I hope you are doing well.

Well it certainly has been a momentous year so far in the life of BCLC.

My desire this year has been to supplement our desire to grow by studying and delivering some of the most amazing material that I have had the pleasure to engage with.
Of course I say pleasure with tongue in cheek, because pleasure is also balanced with pain.

This year has seen us all face new depths of personal and professional challenge like never before.
I guess the question is, do we really mean it?

The One Thing challenged us to prioritise, with the simple instruction, God is to be at the top of every list.

Who Am I? struck right at the heart of your identity and asked whether your value is placed in status, material things or another person.

Dare To Be asked very tough questions about the readiness to embrace a personal as well as corporate future, free from the ogres of the past.
We also talked about our ability to Self Sabotage when the solution is under our noses.

Reinventing Yourself, was a monster of a series because it stripped us all of excuses and made the choices clear with How to vs Want to, Serving vs Pleasing and Owner vs Victim.

The Book Review of James provided the platform for Maturity, and enabled us to look at what it takes to grow up.
We learnt that our Faith will be placed under pressure, Taming the Tongue is vital, and above all, we need to Act on what we hear.


All of this information has contributed to our growth environment, and helped us personally.
On a corporate level I was pleased to formally appoint our Senior Leadership Team, including the addition of elders to this body, as well as the formal ratification of our Guiding Principles.

I would like to congratulate and thank you for your input, because the process leading up to the event and our unity on the day, is something that will live long in the memory.
It also highlights  that the journey of embedding culture though painful, is a worthwhile one.

Summer is Here!

So summer is here, and what does that mean?
It means you can relax, take your foot off the gas and forget everything you have learnt.
You must be joking!!!
We have work to do, well maybe you can have a little rest.

On August 20th we will be doing our annual day trip to Tenby.
The cost is £10 per person, and we will be leaving at 8:30am prompt.

If you need further information, please get in touch with Barbara John.

Coming Up 

The most recent series was called Slay Your Giant, and in it, one of the tools that I described was Vision.
The bible says that people perish in the absence of vision, so it is important for your vision to be strong, and at the same time don’t be attached to trying to explain your vision to everyone.
All Jesus said was ‘follow me’ then he moved on.

This September we will be launching headlong into the Evangelistic phase of our ministry.

We will be launching Pop up Church, I will be going into Local Schools, our Gospel Choir will be expanding their reach, and our Connect Leaders will be investing in themselves in order to invest in you, we all be running Partnership 2016, as well as our Vision Offering Sunday.

To support this I have started working on my most challenging series to date called SALT!

In Closing

Let me leave you with the tools you need to slay your Giant.

  1. Slay Your Giant- The 3 C’s
  2. Slay Your Giant – The Power of Vision
  3. Slay Your Giant- Failing Forwards
  4. Slay Your Giant- Its Under Your Nose
  5. Slay Your Giant- Grow Yourself

Alongside a lack of vision, another area the Bible says that people perish in, is a lack of knowledge.

It is my belief that in addition to this, in the 21st century we don’t perish for a lack of knowledge, because knowledge is everywhere.
We perish for a lack of knowledge being applied.

This is a classic case of How to vs Want to.

I hope you can see what I have done in this newsletter?

I have basically hidden all of the answers to your life questions in plain sight, by linking you to the ‘How to’ on just about every area that you may have an Achilles heel, because we all have them.
This means you won’t perish for lack of knowledge, because it’s all here.
The next step is called personal responsibility, so my next question is, what’s your giant, and what are you going to do about it?

In closing I would like to thank every member of our team, In particular Heulwen, Chris and Jodi for their day to day investment in our community.

Gail, Jaci, Veronica, Jen, Ron, Pam, Lynne, Charlotte, Ray and Jean for their volunteering heart, and Chris Ashong for his unrelenting commitment to this cause over the years.

As always my thanks, appreciation and total respect for your ongoing commitment to BCLC, and I reaffirm my commitment to you


Pastor Nigel