I hope you are doing great, and that you have had a great week.
The past few months appear to have flown by, and on a personal level, I am starting to see the benefits of the material that we have been studying since the turn of the new year.

As the title suggests we are currently working on the idea of ‘Reinventing Yourself’.
Nicodemus is our case study for this as someone who had a struct upbringing, and belonged to a very rigid religious order called the Sanhedrin council, as he was a Pharisee.
Into this mix walks Jesus, who Nicodemus decided to seek out, because he was progressively convinced that there was more to Jesus than met the eye.

In fact he said to Jesus, that no one could have the impact that Jesus was having, unless God was a part of it.

The famous line from this story comes when Jesus tells Nicodemus ‘you must be born again’.
This is a form of reinvention, but a reinvention process that incorporates learning to  apply Jesus’s principles for a spirit led way of life, or ‘reinventing yourself the Jesus way’.

To illustrate this we are using 3 titles:

  1. How to vs want to
  2. Serving vs pleasing
  3. Owner vs victim

Over the coming weeks, I will post the key episodes of this fascinating story of change, so that you can be empowered to create long lasting change for yourself in partnership with God.
Don’t Starve!

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Here are some brilliant audio and video reminders from our last series Dare to Be!

  1. Dare to Be- Rachel Ashong
  2. The War on Negativity- A behind the scenes listen to a closed session with Pastor Nigel

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Have an excellent rest of the week, and remember that if you are serious you will find a way, and if not you will find an excuse.


Pastor Nigel Ipinson-Fleming