During the month of October we talked about Heroes, using Moses as our focal point.
When God called Moses, his first response was one of fear and reflection on his qualities to be a leader.
However God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

House Rules
We recently held a partnership evening where this moths topic ‘House Rules’ was born.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to someones house I automatically take my shoes off.
This is for 2 reasons:

  1. I don’t know the rules of the house
  2. Sometimes the house owner could be shy about saying ‘please remove your shoes’, so courtesy makes it easier for them.

One of the challenges of pastoring that I have had to face up to is saying ‘please remove your shoes’.
I don’t necessarily feel like it all of the time, and sometimes it doesn’t go down so well, but I have also learnt that this isn’t just my responsibility.
We are stewards of God’s house, and the house has spiritual and practical rules.
It is actually our collective responsibility to watch and care for one another, and in the spirit of humility, make it our desire to get to know the rules of the house as well as enforce them.

The story of Gideon’s triumph with 1% of his starting number of 30,000 demonstrates that God can and will do more with a willing few than an uncertain many, so let us embrace and affirm our identity and

Coming Up

Bonfire Night, Fireworks: 6pm at Coity Castle, the event has moved to Sat 7th November NOT Thursday 5th.
Tickets can be purchased from Coity Post Office in advance, costing £5 for adults £2.50 for children. This should be a fun night for all the family to gat together and enjoy some social time around friends.

The Christmas Shopping Trip to Bath is on December 12th, £10 per person.
See Barbara Jones for more details, and hopefully make a dent in your shopping and have a relaxing day with your friends.

December 20th– Christmas Carol Service 6:00pm

Have a great weekend and remember that the mind like a parachute, functions best when open!


Pastor Nigel Ipinson-Fleming