As we make our way through the book review on James I’ve been thinking about the subject of maturity.

The word maturity has always conjured up for me a state of mind that will happen to me when I’m older, it will happen naturally, when I’m less busy and life has slowed down.

The fact is maturity is a choice, it can be applied at will, in thought and through action.

Gods word talks about us acting as children when we are just that, a child, but a time comes for us to put away childish things and grow up. For me this means choosing to stop taking and start giving.

Part of ‘not taking’ is perseverance, owning our part in the challenges of life, being responsible for who we become, doing the work that equips us for skill in living.

Growing up is hard, it takes courage to become who we really are!

Together we can do this, have a great weekend

Rachel Ashong