Annual Report

Hi Everyone

I hope you are well.
Following on from our AGM and vision offering Sunday, some of the feedback indicated that the meeting format didn’t allow for information to be shared clearly and for questions to be asked and answered.

As I mentioned on Sunday, In the past our AGM’s were a closed meeting for partners only, whereas we have sought recently to make those meetings more accessible.

Going forward we will hold those meeting separately from the main service to allow a more traditional AGM format to be followed, so that information can be shared, digested and sufficient time allowed for Q&A.

In view of this, the information below is freely accessible via our website and the charity commission, but I am placing the links here, so that it is all in one place.

Our Vision and Mission is:

  • To see the transformation of our community
  • To help families
  • To see people free from all forms of addiction and abuse
  • To see people healed and restored in spirit, soul and body

The two great commandments, To love God and to love our fellow man (Luke 10 v 25-28) are at the heart of our church, our worship, and our work in the community.

We endeavour to see our vision translated into positive social action, and use our resources to make provision for families, children and youth and all who need our help and support.

We also work with local and national government, charitable trusts and foundations, to support making our community a safe, peaceful, prosperous and Godly place to live.

We continue to work tirelessly to reduce the practical problems of our age which includes the desire to eliminate poverty, deprivation, crime, drug/substance abuse and abuse of all kinds, and work to see wholeness, goodness, godliness and prosperity promoted.

Our vision and mission is also available here


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For our current Profit and Loss click BCLC Profit & Loss 2017-18


PLEASE NOTE: Our current annual report is awaiting verification, and will be uploaded to the charity commission website by 31st October 2018.
When this is complete it will be made available as an update on this page, so please check back.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact slt@mybclc.org

Pastor Nigel